Urban and Social Development - PPP Basis

TThe objectives pursued in the subsector aim to increase the competitiveness of the productive sector and to make up for the deficit of the key factors of production that constitute infrastructure and energy.

This is why Cameroon has set up operational incentive and support schemes for private investment (law n 째 2013/004 of April 18, 2013 setting incentives for private investment) to make the industrial and mining sectors more attractive.

At this time, Cameroon can benefit from such actions by capitalizing the dynamism of national operators in the sector to finally develop the rich potential of mineral resources and initiate the start of major mining projects.

In order to pass the course of middle-income countries and embark on the road of development, Cameroon must reach the status of New Industrialized Country (NIC). This leads to the need for the country to base growth on good diversification of production. To do this, Cameroon must, among other things, intensify extraction activities,expand the exploitation and transformation of the mineral resources necessary for economic and social development of the country and promote the development of innovative high-tech