International Representations

We specialize in   opening markets and to identify and develop new business; offering consulting services and recommendations in many theoretical and operational aspects that comprise foreign trade in a complementary manner.

Our principal market is Cameroon,where we have a strong presence and have impeccable knowledge of local conditions. Our clients are from Europe,the United States and Middle Eastern countries.

Our services Include:

International Commercial Representation.

If what you need is to have a partner that represents and promotes your products or service of,we offer the service of representation in diverse areas

Local Partner.

looking for a local partner for a specific kind of operation? our knowledge of the local market and who is who players in a cross section of industry puts us in the unique position of providing important information to foreign companies to aid in their decision making processes.

The CEO of the Cameroon Investment Company,,introduces Members of an Austrian Delegation to the Cameroon Minister of Employment and Vocational Training.

Outsourcing of Operations.

Outsource or outsourcing to wholly or partly performing the functions involved or supporting the operations of a foreign company in specific tasks.

Advice and consultancy

At Cameroon Investment Coompany we want to contribute to the promotion of international trade, to the development and diversification of the exports of the companies. We put at your disposal our consulting service, where you can send us concerns, problems, or comments on issues related to the performance of external trade,or doing business in Cameroon.