Infrastructure in Fishery ,livestock and Animal Industries - PPP Basis

The main challenges to be met in the livestock, fisheries and animal industries are: (i) food security and self-sufficiency;
(ii) increasing the incomes of actors in rural areas and the creation of decent jobs. Finally
(iii) sustainable management of natural resources.

To achieve this, the government set itself the objective of increasing pastoral and fishery production in order not only to meet the nutritional needs of the populations and the material needs agro-industries, but also to generate surpluses for export. It will be about:
(i) promote short cycle farming (poultry, pigs, small ruminants, rabbits, bees, unconventional species, etc.);
(ii) modernize traditional breeding with a view to preserving zoo-genetic resources;
(iii) facilitate and encourage the creation of medium and large-scale beef farms likely to bring in foreign currency for export;
(iv) set up programs to set up new players in the main production areas and peri-urban areas of large agglomerations;
(v) support the development of maritime and continental fishing;
(vi) promote commercial aquaculture and;
(vii) improve services.