Used in the production of chocolate and a wide range of other produces

Cameroon produces in total about 220.000 tons of cocoa seeds each year.

All of this is shipped overseas. There are no local transformation industries. (a highly unexploited potential)

The variety of cocoa produced in Cameroon is the  trinitario.  This a hybrid of two kinds of cocoa, criollo and forastero. It’s a tasty grain that contains qualities from both kinds.

The Cameroon Investment Company is an Authorized Exporter.

We purchase on behalf of foreign companies and ship to their port of discharge.

This arrangement saves time for the foreign buyers and eliminates the risk of dealing with unknown sources.

We have an entire division dedicated to sourcing, selecting,vetting and transporting the cocoa from the rural farms to the warehouses in Douala, where its machine graded and prepared for export.

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We also maintain a commercial section in Finland managed by Mr.N.S.NANGOSAKA to facilitate export to European and Asian based cocoa importers.


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