Department of Agriculture

This department is charged with Investment in the fields of Agriculture, covering a range of products.  Activities center around products for local consumption as well as Exports to the EU and Middle East Markets. Of particular interest is Cocoa, Arabica and Robusta Coffee.

The Cameroonian Government granted the Cameroon Investment Company an Export Authorization in March 2020 for all Agricultural products

This notwithstanding , the cultivation of certain products such as maize, soya beans and a variety of nuts is being encouraged through a series of programs undertaken by the company.

The development of this sector is of paramount importance to Governments in Africa in general and Cameroon in particular. For this reason, Cameroon Investment Company is currently working in the Southern parts of Cameroon to place over 1000 hectares under cultivation between now and 2025.

This activity we estimate will generate some 300 direct

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